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Bulgari History

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BVLGARI is famous in various fields such as cosmetics and perfumes. I’m sure many of you have seen the distinctive brand name “BVLGARI”.
In this article, we will explain the history of Bvlgari.

The company was founded in 1884 as a jewelry store in Rome, Italy. The founder was Sotirio Bulgari. He was born in Epirus, Greece.
He was born in Epirus, Greece. His parents were silversmiths, and he showed his talent as a craftsman from an early age. Fortunately or unfortunately, the family had to move to Italy due to the Vatican War.
Sotirio continued his silversmithing in Italy. His silver ornaments became popular and he was able to set up a store in 1884.

Sotirio’s Business Sense
Sotirio incorporated the traditional architectural designs of Epirus into his jewelry. He also laid the foundation for modern jewelry by using the latest technology.

He is also very versatile in business.
He changed the name of his store to target tourists from the United States and other countries. The name was changed to “Old Curiosity Shop,” meaning antique shop.
He also opened a store in St. Moritz, Switzerland, which is used as a summer resort by the wealthy. He was a man with a great talent for management.

In the 20th century, his sons, Constantino and Giorno, joined him in running the business.
Then, in 1922, Sotirio passed away. His business sense was passed on to his two sons.

Global expansion and business expansion
The period from the 1950s to the 1960s was known as the “Dolce Vita” (sweet era). In Italy, this term means “a life of enjoying luxury at will.
With the post-war era as a backdrop, the desire to enjoy luxury was on the rise among celebrities. During this period, Bulgari jewelry attracted worldwide attention.
Celebrities and celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor professed to be fans.
Bvlgari became the world’s most captivating jewelry brand, and began its global expansion.

The first store was opened in New York, USA. The first store was opened in New York in the United States, followed by stores in Geneva and Paris. Currently, there are about 150 directly managed stores around the world.
The first store in Japan was opened in 1991, and in 2007, the Bulgari Ginza Tower, one of the largest flagship stores in Japan, opened with a restaurant and bar lounge.

Along with the global expansion, the company has not forgotten to expand its business.
In 1977, the company began to produce a collection of watches. In 1977, he began to produce a collection of watches, and introduced the “Bulgari BVLGARI”. In 1980, he established a watch company in Switzerland, Bulgari Watch.

In 1992, Bulgari launched its first perfume. In 1992, Bulgari launched its first perfume, called “O Pahumé”, a scent of green tea. The fragrance, called “O Pahumé”, was a big hit all over the world, expressing the world of the tea ceremony. This led to the birth of Bulgari’s perfume division, Bulgari Parfum.

In the 2000s, the company continued to expand its business by entering the hotel industry.
Later, Bulgari became a member of the LVMH Group. With the financial backing of the LVMH group, Bulgari will continue to grow in the future.

The birth of the Bulgari style
In the 20th century, the jewelry industry was dominated by France. It was common knowledge that Paris was the place to go for high jewelry.
Art Deco” and “Art Nouveau” were the trends of the time, led by Cartier and centered on the Garland style. Bvlgari was also producing jewelry in line with the trends.

However, Bulgari waited for this trend.
Instead of the French trend, they went back to the Greek tradition. He took inspiration from Greek architecture and ancient Rome and incorporated them into his designs.
Instead of using diamonds and platinum, he created jewelry using colored gemstones. With its emphasis on color, Bulgari laid the foundation for Italian jewelry.

Later, he continued to create jewelry with motifs from ancient Indian and Egyptian art. Fuji and Buddha, and when it entered the U.S. market, it created jewelry with a star-spangled motif.
In this way, Bulgari established a unique style that was distinctly different from the trends, and its designs and color-consciousness became popular all over the world.
In a time when simplicity was in vogue, it was inevitable that luxurious and colorful jewelry would attract attention.

Bulgari is now expanding into various fields, but it started out as a jewelry specialty store.
The company succeeded in gaining worldwide popularity with a style that went against the trend, and began to expand its business and reach out to the world.
Bulgari is probably the only high brand to expand into areas that other brands do not touch.
It will be interesting to see what kind of business they will participate in in the future.

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