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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the most famous American designer brands.
I think many people have seen items with the brand logo “CK” on them.
It is a brand that has a wide range of products such as jeans, wallets, and eyewear, although underwear is famous.
This time, I will introduce the history of Calvin Klein.

The brand was founded in 1968. The brand was founded in 1968 by American designer Calvin Klein and his business partner and childhood friend, Barry Schwartz.
At the time, the line consisted of only three dresses and six coats.
Moreover, they started with a $10,000 debt from Schwartz’s father.

The first store was on the sixth floor of the York Hotel on Seventh Avenue.
While we were doing business there, the owners of the Bonwit Tailor department store mistakenly went down to the sixth floor. They happened to catch a glimpse of Calvin Klein’s coat line and loved it.
Thus, Calvin Klein received a $50,000 order from the Bonwit Tailor Department Store, and business was back on track.

In 1970, Calvin Klein began to diversify its operations, setting up a sportswear division in 1972 and a cosmetics and perfume company in March of the same year.
In 1073, Calvin Klein gained momentum when he became the youngest winner of the Coty Award, the “Academy Award of the fashion world.
In the latter half of the 1970s, he began to produce underwear and jeans, and his business grew steadily.

The jeans advertisement featured Brooke Shields, an actress who was only 15 years old. She became famous for her sexy poses in tight jeans.
The catchphrase, “There’s nothing between me and Calvin,” caught the public’s attention.
The sexy promotions of the 70’s and 80’s caused controversy and became the center of attention in the fashion world.

Brand slump
Since 1980, Calvin Klein has been actively involved in cultural projects and social contributions other than apparel, such as donating part of its collection to universities and hosting charity parties for scientists working on AIDS research.
In 1992, Calvin Klein created a second line, CK Calvin Klein, and in 1995, the company opened a flagship store in New York and held its first collection in Europe.

However, in the late 90’s, the brand’s value slumped due to the popularization of low-priced products, and a large number of T-shirts with the CK logo appeared on the market, causing a price collapse.
The popularity of boxer shorts, which were popular at that time, helped to keep the business afloat.
Still, business was not going well, and in 2001, CK Calvin Klein was forced to withdraw from the United States.

In 2002, Calvin Klein was sold to Phillips Van Heusen (PVH), an American apparel company, for $430 million (52 billion yen).
With the acquisition, Calvin Klein retired as a designer in 2003.
The 90’s was a major turning point for the brand.

Successor designers
There were two designers who succeeded Calvin. For women’s wear, it was Francisco Costa, who had gained experience at Gucci and Balmain.
The men’s designer was Italo Zucchelli. He had worked for the design teams of Jil Sander and others.
The appointment of these two new designers brought a new wind to the brand.

Their silhouettes emphasized the body line and captivated the women of New York. The new Calvin Klein fashions came into vogue with the rise of the “working woman”. In recent years, designs have become simpler and more stylish.

In 2016, Raf Simons was appointed as the creative director. In 2016, Raf Simons became the creative director of the brand, contributing to its global branding, but stepped down in 2018.

Features of the brand
The brand features stylish designs that can be used by both genders. It is simple and can be matched by people of any age.
It has a wide range of support with a rich lineup that includes mainly apparel, but also underwear, accessories, and eyewear.
Our design philosophy is that “everything starts with cutting. As the saying goes, their designs are characterized by beautiful silhouettes that follow the physique.

In Japan, the company mainly sells perfumes and underwear. In Japan, it mainly sells perfumes and underwear, and is recognized as a fashionable fashion brand, especially among men. Discount sales have been regulated, and the brand is now regaining its position as a luxury line.

About items
One of the most popular items is the wallet for men. One of the most popular items is men’s wallets, which feature simple black designs.
The silhouette that can be used for both work and daily use is popular, and is highly valued as a versatile item.

Watches are also a popular item.
The Calvin Klein Company is in charge of design, and the Swatch Group of Switzerland is in charge of manufacturing. Both the quality and design are of good quality, and there is a wide range of products available.
Many of the designs are simple and fit well in business scenes.

When it comes to Calvin Klein, you can’t miss their underwear.
The company promotes colorful and fashionable underwear that can be shown off. It is said that Calvin Klein was the first to bring the concept of fashion into men’s underwear.
Also, Calvin Klein underwear appears in the movie “Back to the Future”. There is a scene in the movie where the main character wears the brand’s underwear and has a conversation.
This made the brand’s name known even to people who were not very interested in fashion.
In this way, Calvin Klein has grown into a national brand.

Calvin Klein started out with a few collections. The sexy advertisements selling simple jeans were well received by the public, and the brand’s fame expanded dramatically.
After that, the business slumped, but the brand was maintained by sales of underwear, which is synonymous with the brand.
The brand is now attracting attention from fashion-conscious men as a fashion brand that sells a variety of items such as watches and wallets.
It will continue to captivate fans around the world with its fashionable underwear and simple items.

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