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Chloe History

Chloe is known for its wallets and perfumes. Although it is now recognized as one of the high brands, the brand was founded in 1952.
It took a whopping 70 years for the brand to gain the recognition and standing it has today.
In this article, I’ll explain how Chloe got to where it is today.

The founding of Chloé
Chloé was founded in France in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. She was born into a wealthy Egyptian family and grew up receiving a French-style education. Her mother would call her seamstress at home and have her make clothes that were popular in Paris, the cutting edge of fashion. From an early age, she sensed the atmosphere of Paris.
At the age of 18, Gabby went to Paris to study. Having witnessed the atmosphere of Paris and authentic design, she decided to pursue a career in design.

After getting married in 1945, Gaby began living in Paris. In 1952, she launched her first collection. In 1952, she launched her first collection, which was a new challenge at the time, and it was a great success. It quickly gained popularity and became the catalyst for the brand’s growth.

Some of you may be wondering why Chloe doesn’t have the name of its founder on it.
There are many theories about the origin, but here are two of the most popular.

The first theory is that the name comes from the ballet “Daphnis and Chloe. It is said that Gabby, fascinated by the beautiful dance of the heroine Chloe, used the heroine’s name as the brand name.

The second theory is that the name was taken from Gabby’s friend. Why didn’t she use her own name?

“Because she thought her name sounded like a fortune teller.

The second theory is that it was taken from Gabby’s friend.

The development of the brand
In 1960, Chloé chose Karl Lagerfeld to be her designer. He is known as the “King of Mode,” and his designs make Chloé famous. Karl’s taste in fashion evolved to the point where it became the representative of the 1970s.

In 1970, the company released a perfume. The fragrance became a best seller.

In 1985, the company became a subsidiary of Richemont, a major French brand group. In 1985, the company became a member of Richemont, a major French brand group, which gave the company financial backing and led to its global expansion.

Appointment of famous designers

Karl Lagerfeld
As mentioned earlier, Chloé developed by hiring Karl as a designer.
He is also known as a designer for Chanel and Fendi, but his first job as a freelance designer was with Chloé.

Stella McCartney
Stella is the daughter of Paul McCartney and a designer with her own brand.
Her take on the London vibe was very popular. She went on to create a number of hits, but left the company when she was taken over by the Gucci Group.

Chloé continued to increase the value of the brand while changing designers one after another.
Then, in 2014, the founder, Gaby, passed away at the age of 94. Thirty years before her death, she sold all of her holdings in Chloé and focused on nurturing her successors.
The strength of Chloé is to create original value while inheriting the original concept.

The Chloé concept
The Chloé brand concept is “luxury prêt-à-porter”.

In the 1950s, when the company was founded, haute couture (custom-made) fashion was the mainstream. Ordinary citizens who could not afford haute couture were left with no choice but to buy poor quality ready-to-wear.
Chloé revolutionized this stagnant fashion world.

Targeting young women, Gabby has been able to

The quality of high-end fashion is not compromised.
Glamorous and beautiful designs
but at an accessible price.

Gaby decided to create prêt-à-porter clothes that were glamorous, beautiful in design, and affordable.
“She overturned the common belief that only people of a certain age could wear luxury fashion.

Chloé fashion was also popular for its design.
Shirt dresses, short coats, feminine blouses, and other styles matched the freedom of young people in postwar Paris.
Chloé was popular for its perfect balance of retaining an urban feel while not being too assertive.
Chloé ready-to-wear does not have the corset-like constrictions of haute couture. They were simple and unpretentious, yet glamorous.
We pursued designs that made women look naturally beautiful, and as a result, we gained tremendous support.

Today, the mainstream is overwhelmingly prêt-à-porter. Chloé was the first to create this trend. Chloé’s influence on the fashion world is immeasurable.

Entering Japan
Chloé first arrived in Japan in January 2006, which was actually quite recently.
Gradually, the number of stores increased, and ten years later, in 2016, the online store opened.
For Valentine’s Day, a collection for men is held in Japan. It is a chic design and very popular.

The Chloé brand was born out of a sense of stagnation in the postwar fashion world. Gaby’s production of high quality ready-to-wear changed the conventional wisdom. Even young women can now enjoy luxury fashion.
Her strategy to target young people was successful. Since then, Chloé has changed designers one after another, but has kept the original concept of the company.
The impact that Chloé has had on the industry is immeasurably large.
When the fashion world becomes stagnant in the future, Chloé will bring in a new wind.

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