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gold-coins Introduction

Gold coins are made of precious metals (Pure Gold) issued by the ministerial government of each country.
These coins are of highly pure gold and can be used as an asset, and can be exchanged at face value regardless of the gold market price.
In the midst of modern world instability, more and more people were passionate to collect gold coins as an hobby, which have a guaranteed minimum face value, instead of ingods, jewelry, and other assets. Most of the people were collecting gold coins because they were fascinated by the design that were carved as a symbols of each country.
Japanese gold coins came in with the value of 100,000 yen, 50,000 yen and 10,000 yen respectively, and were very popular among people as they were safe and secure gold coins.
Gold coins were oftenly issued to the Emperor and Crown Prince of Japan, but they were also issued for national events such as the Olympics, the Soccer World Cup, and to the memory of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Where to buy them?

All Japanese gold coins were produced in limited quantities and can only be found in secondary markets. However, we have 11 directly managed stores in Japan, and we have staffs who specialize in gold coin inspection, and we are focusing on purchase of both domestic and foreign gold coins. We deal with obsolete gold coins and limited edition gold coins from overseas and other all kinds of gold coins.

What kind of company is Super Gold Co.

Super Gold Co., Ltd. operates 11 stores directly managed in Japan under the brand name of “金貨買取本舗” and “金のアヒル”. In additional We also sell our products through e-commerce sites and auctions sites in Japan.
We deal with the items which are listed below.
– Domestic gold coins
– Overseas gold coins
– Old coins
– Precious metals
– Jewelry in general
– Brand-name goods (bags, wallets, apparel)
– Watches and clocks
– Cosmetics
– Stamps
We specialize the business on the above mentioned items with our highly skilled staffs at each stores, so our customers can buy and sell with full of trust and peace of mind.

Do we buy and sell counterfeit products?

We all have this one doubt as a buyer about counterfeit products. In recent years only, there had been a lot of news coverage in the Japanese media about gold smuggling and smuggling of counterfeit brand products. In case of Japan, the buying and selling of counterfeit goods is prohibited under the law which is a violation of law and can be punishable crime by law. In terms of company, it is necessary to have licensed under the Japanese government. According to the law we must verify the brand products if they are authenticate or not before buying after verifying the products then we move forward on pricing of product.
We also issue a “quality certificate” to our customers so Please enjoy our service with peace of mind.

Our mission to expand into Thailand?

In Thailand, the antique market is becoming bigger just like in Japan. With the advantage of having our staff member who is familiar to Thailand and their culture, we started providing cosmetics, brand-name products and accessories that meet the needs of brand lovers, including Japanese assets, at affordable prices.
By offering products directly from Japan, we believe that we can provide global standards products safely and securely, so that it will be rewarding and fulfilling for us to help people get to know more about Japan and satisfy to the customers of both countries.

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