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We are SuperGold Co. Ltd with 11 stores currently operated inside Japan. We collect brand bags, jewelry, watches, gold coins, platinum, silver and many more precious items. We value item after their high inspection of authenticity by our experts. We are highly concerned of selling genuine products under Japan’s law to build trusted relationship with our buyers. We are selling our products in different region in different selling platforms. If you are looking forward to buy or gift brand products, you can visit our online stores.

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There are different varieties of Gold coins issued by the ministerial government of Japan . They are of different sizes, weights, designs and value. There are high valued coins graded by NGC or PCGS.
You can be used them as an asset or sell them at current face value of the gold market.
In the midst of modern world instability, more and more people were interested collecting gold coins as an hobby, peope were fascinated by the designs and engraved symbols on coins.
People with Interest on coins has never been faded away.


Name: Ken Sekino (関野健)

Age: 28
Birth-Place: Chiba-Ken
Abroad Stay Period: 5 years
Languages skill: Japanese / Thai
Designation: President’s Office / Overseas Business Department
Hobbies: Soccer, car-related, martial arts
Favorite items: Gold coins, precious metals, brand bags

Calculating Price
Inspecting Product

I am Mr. Ken Sekino and I have been studying about recycling items and expensive items after joining the company.
Since a long time ago I had been thinking about overseas business expansion. For that I have stayed overseas in Thailand for a several years. I have decided survey the Japanese recycling culture (recycled products), gold coins and high-brand products on Thailand for future business purpose.Work is not a work, it is a customer’s happiness, and to further enhancement of my skill.”A new investment culture for the world”

Contact No : +81 70-1521-5669
E-mail :
Head Office : 6-2-6-101 Honcho, Funabashi, Chiba, Japan

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