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Privacy Policy

We are aiming to expand overseas and sell items that are valuable inside Japan at affordable price introducing Japanese culture of sales and resale.
Buying, Selling or Making Copy of any items are strictly prohibited in Japan.
Even under such Laws and Circumstances Duplicates products can still be found on the market. Because of that we do strict inspection under the supervision of our specialist before buying or selling any items to build trust with our customers.
For Further notice, We are secondary distributors so the warranty certificate might not be available in all the items But the quality certificate will be on all the items which are standards verified from our company specialist.
As well as we are looking for the local partners to have business with. If we have interested vendors we are looking forward for your cooperation.

Our Pre-Services [under trial]
・ Free assessment
→ We are doing free assessment of the item at the Japanese market/

※Business is currently unavailable.
・ Online Selling of Japanese Gold Coins
→ Price changes depending on the daily market price. Please contact us for detail information.

・ Sale of branded products
→ We are taking orders. Please contact us.

・ Recruitment of traders
→ We are looking for vendors who can buy and sell our products. Please contact us for detail information.

・ Consultation to interested individuals or corporation who are considering to buy and sell brand products and precious metals
→ Please contact us for detail information.

Contents of our certificate]
“Product name: ○○  Model number: ○○   Color: ○○   Rank: ○○
The products are inspected carefully by a professional examiner. We certify all our selling products in quality standards.

※It is fully prohibited to manufacture, buying or selling of copy products. ○○○○ year ○○ month ○○ day