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Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Handbag


Brand Name: Louis Vuitton
Product Name: Speedy 25
Type: Hand Bag
Material: PVC,Leather
Date Code: SP1907
Model No: M41528
Size: Approximately W25cmXH18cmXD14cm
List Code : J3735

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Bag Interior Rank: B+
● Dusts and dents
● Inner pocket has some stains and dirts

Bag Exterior rank: B+
● [Surface] Small stains and Color fading
● [Leather] Small Noticeable stains/ scratches and scuffs
● [Handle] small stains, scratches and scuffs
● [Lining] Stains, and scuffs
● [Metal/Zipper] dark Stains and scuffs

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