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The History of Prada

Completed article: The History of Prada

Prada is known for its luxurious bags and wallets. Many people may associate Prada with the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. Although the company has now established its position as a high brand, its management has not been smooth sailing.
In this article, I will explain the history of Prada.

Prada’s Founding
Prada opened its first store in Milan in 1913. The founders were brothers Mario Prada and Maritino Prada. The name of the store was “Fratelli Prada” (meaning “Prada Brothers”), and it opened as a leather goods store.
The store gained popularity by using high quality leather and producing high quality products. They even sold items made of rare leathers such as alligator and snake!
Prada was quickly patronized by the upper class, and a few years later, it was heavily favored by the Italian royal family.

It was during this period that Prada introduced bags made of waterproof fabric. Prada was immediately favored by the upper class, and a few years later, the brand was valued by the Italian royal family.

The war and the slump of the brand
Prada’s management proceeded smoothly, including the opening of a second store in the center of Milan. However, it was a time of war. It was a time of war, and traveling with a luxury bag during a national crisis did not fit the times.
The business gradually deteriorated due to the war, and the opening of the third store was postponed.
Furthermore, the second store was forced to close due to bombing. At that time, Prada’s business had deteriorated to the extent that only the main store could operate.

In addition, his younger brother withdrew from the business due to political problems. When Mario died in 1958, his two daughters took over the business. When Mario died in 1958, his two daughters took over the business, and they changed the management policy, shifting the target from the upper class and wealthy to the middle class who were focusing on post-war reconstruction.
However, the brand did not grow, and its popularity dropped significantly in the 1970s.

Rebuilding the brand
After Mario’s death, Prada’s business had been in a slump for a long time, but a turning point came. Mario’s granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, became the designer and manager. With her arrival, Prada made a dramatic comeback.
There was another key player in Prada’s revival. His name was Patrizio Bertelli. He was a brilliant businessman who owned a manufacturer of high quality leather goods.
He initially used his high technology to sell counterfeit Prada products! Hearing the rumor, Miuccia went to see him and they formed a cooperative relationship as business partners.
Miuccia meets him and they form a business partnership, with Miuccia in charge of design and Patrizio in charge of management, aiming to revive the brand.

Patrizio’s concept is to “decorate the everyday with luxury,” and the brand image is renewed. He introduced items that fused Miuccia’s innovative designs with the traditions Prada had built up. It was an item called “Pocono,” a nylon material bag used by my grandfather Mario. It was a simple design of a black bag with a triangular plate with the Prada logo on it. This design became so popular that it is now a symbolic item of Prada.

Miuccia’s achievements
Miuccia has released several items that can be called the face of Prada.

It is made of nylon, which is lighter and stronger than leather. The use of this material was met with criticism from within the brand. However, she released the items without compromising her stance of “unprecedented innovation. Over the next few years, she made it a popular series!
Currently, Prada has announced that it will use “recycled nylon” as its material by the end of 2021. It can be said that this is a perfect product for Prada, which continues to innovate.

Saffiano leather
This is a high-class leather product made of saffiano leather. This item is made of cowhide leather and has a stamped finish. This makes it more resistant to scratches and stains.
It’s also a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase. It’s also a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase.

It is a new series released in 2010. It’s also a great choice for those who are looking for a more casual look.

In addition to items, Miuccia has also introduced new brand lines.
The representative one is “MIUMIU”. It is Prada’s second line, named after a nickname from her childhood. It was created with the aim of increasing the target audience of a wide range of ages.
Compared to Prada, Miu Miu has more cute designs, but it is also more expensive because of the materials used.

A wide range of business development
Thanks to Miuccia and Patrizio, Prada has regained its brand status and has been involved in various businesses.
In the 1990s, the company launched Prada Sport and entered yacht racing. It also launched the Fondazione Prada, an art project, and made social contributions in a wide range of fields including art and education.

In 2003, Prada opened a store in Ginza and began its expansion into Japan. In 2003, Prada started its expansion into Japan with a store in Ginza, followed by the opening of its flagship store “Epicenter” in Aoyama (the second in the world), which attracted a lot of attention.
The exterior of the store is so artistic that it is commonly referred to as a “diamond. You can see the store’s displays from the outside through the diamond-shaped lattice-like facade (like a window). The Epicenter, designed by a Swiss architect, stands out as a one-of-a-kind store.

In 2006, the Hollywood movie “The Devil Wears Prada” was released, leading to worldwide recognition. There may be some people who got to know Prada through this movie.

Prada is a world-famous brand born in Italy. Prada was once in financial trouble and faced a crisis of survival, but has made a dramatic comeback thanks to the skills of its talented top management. The designers and the management acted as one, and the company has shown strong development.

In addition to leather goods, the company has developed a variety of brand lines and items. By adopting a broad strategy, Prada has worked hard to enhance its recognition and brand image.
In the future, Prada will continue to create products that will betray our expectations in a good way.

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