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Loewe History

Completed article: Loewe History_RevisionsLoewe is famous for its leather goods such as wallets and bags. In fact, it is a well-established brand with over 150 years of history.In this article, I will introduce the history of Loewe. Founded in 1846Loewe’s roots go back to 1846.… Read More »Loewe History

Bottega Veneta History

Completed article: Bottega HistoryBottega Veneta is famous for its bags, wallets, and leather goods. Recently, the company has been actively involved in the field of apparel, and is well known worldwide.Its history is about 50 years since it was founded, and it is actually a… Read More »Bottega Veneta History

Bulgari History

Completed article: Bulgari History_Revised BVLGARI is famous in various fields such as cosmetics and perfumes. I’m sure many of you have seen the distinctive brand name “BVLGARI”.In this article, we will explain the history of Bvlgari. EstablishmentThe company was founded in 1884 as a jewelry… Read More »Bulgari History

The History of Prada

Completed article: The History of Prada Prada is known for its luxurious bags and wallets. Many people may associate Prada with the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. Although the company has now established its position as a high brand, its management has not been smooth… Read More »The History of Prada

Fendi History

Completed article: Fendi History_RevisionsFendi History Fendi is famous for its “Zucca pattern” design with alternating “FF”. In fact, when it was first established, it was a fur products store. Here is an explanation of the journey from there to the current fashion brand. EstablishmentFendi was… Read More »Fendi History

Salvatore Ferragamo

Completed article: Ferragamo HistorySalvatore Ferragamo is a shoe brand that pursues shoes that are easy to wear.It is known for inventing designs that are still around today, such as sandals.In fact, Ferragamo is a brand that once went bankrupt.Let’s take a look at the history… Read More »Salvatore Ferragamo

Balenciaga History

Completed article: Balenciaga HistoryBalenciaga is famous for its items with a large brand name printed on them. Nowadays, it has become an indispensable part of street fashion.Did you know that Balenciaga is a long-established brand that has been in business for over 100 years?In this… Read More »Balenciaga History

Burberry History

Completed article: Burberry History_RevisionBURBERRY is famous for its trench coats and unique checkered patterns.In Japan, the “Blue Label” and “Black Label” lines are particularly well known, but in fact, these lines no longer exist.In this article, I will introduce the history of Burberry. EstablishmentIn 1856,… Read More »Burberry History